Alice's Dreamy Bedroom Mini Doll House Kit

Create the most beautiful bedroom of all time with Alice's Dreamy Bedroom Mini Doll House Kit.

So your little princess has had her eyes glued to any inch of hot pink and white porcelain dolls which are carefully styled on the living room shelf for months. It's time to get a doll house kit that appeals more to her tastes. Introducing Alice's Dreamy Bedroom Doll House Kit!  

Who doesn't want to spend their days in Alice's Dreamy Bedroom? The miniature doll house is an accessible way for you to follow the rabbit down the hole and be part of the story that always leaves us on a good note. Children will enjoy architectural design, as well as imaginative play.

Material: Wood
Warning: For Children above 8 years!
Dimensions: 203*184*197mm
Gender: Unisex
Package Size: 320*200*50mm